Social Early Neutral Evaluation

Before you engage in a lengthy custody case, you need to weigh the costs and benefits. Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) can give you an accurate perspective regarding the potential outcome if your case was to proceed to trial. The SENE begins with parents presenting information about their family to a team of neutrals (typically one male and one female evaluator). The evaluators listen to the facts presented by the parents and their attorneys, and review relevant documents. The evaluators then provide a neutral opinion of what the outcome would most likely be if the case were to proceed to trial. An SENE can provide you and your former spouse with the perspective you both need to create settlement options that are well considered rather than simply fueled by emotion.

Hire a Moxie Inc. Evaluation Team

We are pleased to announce our updated SENE (Social Early Neutral Evaluation) services!

Moxie Inc. now offers four highly experienced, trained, and qualified professionals (2 male, 2 female) to conduct SENEs.  Matthew and Michael each bring with them over seven years of experience in conducting SENEs.  Peggy and Kirsten are leaders in the field of ADR and also offer years of experience in this arena.  We are available to conduct sessions in-house for a flat hourly fee of $550 per hour ($275 per evaluator) for private referrals, or in accordance with the county fee structure for court-ordered cases. Simply call our office to make arrangements.  We will take care of all of the scheduling and necessary paperwork in order to make this as efficient and streamlined a process as possible.


Choosing one Moxie and one non-Moxie Professional

We also frequently work with evaluators outside of Moxie, Inc. If you decide to pair a Moxie team member with another outside professional, we are flexible and happy to do so. If there is an ICMC Order for the SENE, our hourly rate will correspond with the Order; if it is a private SENE, the hourly rate for a Moxie professional is $275.