You’d like to earn a promotion or improve your performance at work but you sabotage yourself. You’re half-way through your thesis, but you just can’t seem to finish it. You long to fulfill your creative passion but you get overcome with performance anxiety. You’d like to develop closer relationships with people, but you’re just not sure how.

Whether you want to achieve more in your professional or personal life, Moxie Inc. can help. We offer coaching services in person, by phone, or Skype. We can help you prepare for stressful events, polish your parenting or develop your career or business.

Coaching is a broad category of services that can apply to a variety of situations.  It blends clinical and practical tools with experienced advice to guide clients toward their goals.  With coaching, you can learn to more comfortably face challenges, pump yourself up or calm yourself down, get creative, achieve mental clarity and control distractions.

So, how does it work?

Rapid Change Technologies

Using EMDR and other mind-body techniques, we can teach you to access the states of mind that will help you achieve your goals.

Enhance Internal Resources

Through mental preparation, imagery, and the development of rehearsal strategies, you develop inner resources you can call upon during performance or situational stress.

Self-Care Coaching

We all know that proper sleep, nutrition, exercise and relaxation skills lead to improved health. Let us help you find ways to use these practices to balance your life.

Eliminating Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety can intrude on many areas of life: professional presentation, relationships and sexuality, creative endeavors, and many others. Professional coaching can help you get a handle on this tricky intruder. Don’t let anxiety prevent you from achieving your dreams!